The Centre for Air quality and health Research and evaluation (CAR) comprises a network of Universities and research institutes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Wollongong. We collaborate with national and international universities including RMIT University in Melbourne, the University of Tasmania, King’s College London, St George’s University of London and Utrecht University.

Chief Investigators

Investigator Institutions Field of Research
Prof Guy Marks Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and Liverpool Hospital, Sydney Chronic Respiratory Disease & Air pollution
Prof Bin Jalaludin  Centre of Research, Evidence and Management, and University of NSW  Air pollution epidemiology
Prof Michael Abramson  Monash University, Melbourne  Chronic Respiratory Disease & Air pollution
Prof Gail Williams  University of Queensland, Brisbane  Statistical modelling
Prof Stephen Leeder  Menzies Centre for Health Policy, Sydney  Research translation
Prof Lidia Morawska  Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane  Air pollution measurement
Prof Alison Jones  University of Wollongong  Toxicology, Research translation
A/Prof Geoff Morgan  University Centre for Rural Health  Health effects, Exposure assessment, Statistical modelling
A/Prof Shyamali Dharmage  University of Melbourne  Chronic Respiratory Disease & Air pollution

Associate Investigators

Investigator Institutions Field of Research
Dr Shobhit Chandra RMIT University, Melbourne Spatial modelling for sustainability of resources, natural habitats & urban settlements
Dr Fay Johnston University of Tasmania Human health and ecological sustainability
Prof Ross Anderson King's College London and St George's, University of London Respiratory and environmental epidemiology
Prof Bert Brunekreef Utrecht University Environmental epidemiology
A/Prof Lyle Gurrin University of Melbourne Biostatistics
Prof Wayne Smith NSW Health, University of Sydney Health protection, epidemiology